TOP 5 BEACHES's top 5 most popular beaches, based on visitor numbers.
From the modern Vizag Eye to the historic Tower of vizag Light house, below are Vizag's most visited tourist beaches.

Ramakrishna Beach Vizag

Ramakrishna Beach Vizag also acknowledged as R.K. Beach is ideally positioned on the east shoreline at a distance of approximately 5 km from the epicenter of the town. Ramakrishna Beach VizagRamakrishna Beach Visakhapatnam lives in the chief portion of the esplanade and is an excessive destination to occupy infinite number of vacation time. The Ramakrishna Beach in Vizag was cooperatively established by the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam (MCV) and the VUDA. The Submarine Arts center, Visakha Museum, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, an aquarium, the Kali Temple Vizag, statues of noticeable characters, roadside restaurants and gardens are the supplementary charms of the Vizag Ramakrishna Beach. The war dedicatory termed 'Victory at Sea' on the beach was created to recompense reverence to the militias of the 1971 war is cost visiting. Summer season attraction enormous packs from all turns of the city and grow into widespread location for students to retreat and trial roller-skating, pony and camel riding. The park also has a tuneful cascade. There is a trifling lake that's connecting the beach where boat rides are presented.

Rushikonda Beach Vizag ( Rushi Konda Beach )

Rushikonda Beach Vizag is located 13 Kms. from Visakhapatnam and is an idyllic tourist terminus. Rishikonda is a throatily enclosed peak. This beautiful Vizag Rushikonda Beach along with golden sands and huge springs of water is the preeminent beach in Vizag. Rushikonda Beach Visakhapatnam is a perfect target for lovers of nature specially water sport fanatics. Travelers can take a pleasure of water skiing, basking, wind surfing and swimming. The sightseer composite this vizag Beaches is well-appointed with a visitor cottage, distinct rental cottages, a restaurant and other facilities. The 14th century Sri Saptha Rameshwara Temple bounded by seven mounts is situated in Rishikonda.

Yarada Beach

A picture-perfect Vizag beaches Yarada Beach to have a break out, Yarada beach Vizag, is placed very near to the core city Vizag and provides brilliant decor with the splendid greenish nearby and soft terrific sands. Yarada Beach Vizag is set 15 Kms left from Vizag city bids excellent scenery with its interesting merger of golden sands and the lush avocado elasticity of mountains. The Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam is bounded by pretty mounts on 3 sides with Bay of Bengal offers the interesting sprays the 4 side. The Vizag Yarada Beach supplies a quiet and isolated environment individuals seeing for isolation and spiritual amity. The Visakhapatnam Yarada Beach sustains its purity and dignity, drawing many visitors. Yarada Beach in Vizag is also one of the best Vizag Beaches.

Bheemunipatnam Beach

The quiet and tranquil Bheemunipatnam Beach Vizag is to be found at the union of Gosthani River and the Cove of Bengal. Bheemunipatnam Beach VizagBheemunipatnam is presented by the remains of a 17th century fortress and churchyard, and antiquity discloses that this was a Dutch clearance prior era. Bheemunipatnam Beach Vizag is placed 24 km away from the heart of the Vizag. The beach, known also as 'Bheemli', is well-known as the nontoxic and serenest place for swimmers. The Bheemunipatnam Beach Visakhapatnam and stimulating type of weather combined with the pleasant landscape with the desiring greenery all round and the creased tribute copses generate it a famous venerated beach sea side choices. Bheemunipatnam as famous Vizag Beaches is well connected with all other country via railways, airways and roadways.

Gangavaram Beach Vizag

The Simply enormous Gangavaram Beach Vizag, furrowed with praise trees is positioned near the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP), at a remoteness of roughly 26 Kms south of Vizag. The Gangavaram Beach Visakhapatnam has lovely seashore which appeals numeral of sightseers and film creators. Gangavaram Beach Vizag is an identical gorgeous and enthralling destination that provides the best suitable spot to aid the tenacity of Film shooting. Vizag Beaches Gangavaram is the motive this location or site has been the preferred and visited endpoint for all types of tourist and film makers. The Vizag beaches Gangavaram is generally tranquil and supplies the sheltered and inaccessible approaches to the visitors imminent here. With a striking coast the constant growth of visitors is seen here. This Gangavaram Beach Visakhapatnam with soft sands and calm wind permanently offers an isolated heaven. Providing gorgeous sights of Pitta Konda in the central of the sea and the Krishna Temple on opposite mount, the Vizag Beaches Gangavaram is commonly blocked by travellers.

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